Local Government Personnel Institute (LGPI)

LGPI Finds New Home at Lane Council of Governments (LCOG)

July 1, 2020 - LGPI provides a valuable service to Oregon’s cities, community colleges, councils of governments, counties and special districts.  And while the last few years have been tumultuous for LGPI as an organization and for the clientele it serves, the League of Oregon Cities (LOC), the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) and the Lane County Council of Governments (LCOG) believe they have found a long-term solution for maintaining the valuable services provided by LGPI.

Two years ago, LGPI was on the verge of ceasing operations.  The organization was in a financial crisis, and its staffing levels were at an all-time low.   The LOC and AOC partnered together to modify LGPI’s governing structure so that the LOC could assume the functional day-to-day control of LGPI operations.  In assuming control of LPGI operations, the LOC has spent the last two years not only witnessing the value LGPI provides Oregon local governments, but has also performed an in-depth analysis of its own internal ability to provide these needed services.  Unfortunately, given current staffing levels and available resources, the LOC cannot be the provider of LGPI services to Oregon local governments.  Once the LOC realized it could not provide LGPI services long term, it immediately reached out to other governmental organizations and partners to see if one of them could provide these needed services.

Moving LGPI Forward
LCOG, a strong partner of both the LOC and AOC, has come forward as an organization that wants to assume control and delivery of LGPI services.  While conversations are in the beginning stages and details are still being resolved, LCOG has expressed its strong desire and intent to begin providing LGPI services statewide once the LOC can no longer do so itself.  The boards and staff of the LOC, AOC and LCOG are working diligently to negotiate the terms and conditions of this transition of services, and hope to have more information on the specific details of any such transition in the coming weeks.  It is the intent of all three organizations that LGPI services remain available in Oregon, that the LGPI membership understands its needs will continue to be met, and that any transition from the LOC to LCOG will be seamless and have little to no impact on LPGI members.

For those that may not be familiar with LCOG, it serves as a regional planning, coordination, program development and service delivery organization to local communities across Lane County and throughout Oregon.  Its mission is to coordinate and provide high quality public services and it is dedicated to serving the public interest and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.  

For more information, visit the LCOG website or call 541-682-4283.