Proposed Amendments to the LOC Constitution

Watch – A Video Overview of Proposed Amendments to the LOC Constitution

The LOC Board of Directors has proposed several amendments to the LOC Constitution which it believes will make the board more accessible to all LOC members, regardless of their geographic location or their city’s population. Paramount to the board’s decision in making these proposed amendments is ensuring it represents all of Oregon in a transparent and equitable manner.
At the LOC's Annual Membership Meeting on October 22, cities will vote to ratify the proposed amendments to the LOC’s Constitution.  Amendments to the LOC Constitution will require a vote of two-thirds of the voting delegates present during an annual meeting.
To ensure the membership is sufficiently informed about these amendments and prepared for the vote on October 22, the LOC has created a short video which explain each of the amendments.  The video also includes the perspectives of city leaders from across the state on each of the five amendments.