Helen and Alan Berg Good Governance Award

The Helen and Alan Berg Good Governance Award highlights city programs that encourage “reconnecting” citizens to their community.  Similar to the Award for Excellence, this award recognizes programs, projects or events which have a specific purpose of reaching out to and/or educating citizens.  This award was renamed in 2010 by the LOC Board of Directors to honor the memory of former LOC Presidents and Corvallis Mayors Helen Berg and Alan Berg.

Who is Eligible?

Cities of all sizes are encouraged to participate.  The quality of citizen involvement, not the size or publicity of the event or program, will determine recognition.  Entries must include programs or activities that have been successfully operating for at least the past year or have culminated in the past year.  A city may submit only one entry, but may re-submit a past entry that was not chosen for an award.  All cities entering this competition will be encouraged to “show off” their project with a table-top display during the annual conference in October.

Review/Selection Process

Each year a selection committee is appointed to judge the entries, comprised of past LOC presidents, state legislators, media and higher education representatives, and others.  In evaluating the entries, the judges will consider whether the program:

1) Successfully engages citizens in local government processes;

2) Enhances citizens’ awareness of local government decision-making;

3) Fosters local leadership through education, planning efforts, volunteerism, etc.;

4) Is innovative in encouraging citizen involvement, openness, transparency and inclusiveness; and

5) Is replicable by other communities.

Winners will receive:

  • Recognition during the LOC Annual Conference;
  • A framed certificate; and
  • A spotlight in the Local Focus magazine following the conference.
  • You might consider addressing the following questions in your description:
  • Why was the project needed?
  • What were the goals?
  • What steps were taken to complete the project?
  • What was unique or innovative about this project?
  • In what ways did the project foster relationships with citizens; educate citizens; enhance openness, transparency and inclusiveness; and/or encourage citizens to be more involved in the community?
  • How was the project funded?
  • Were there any problems or obstacles, and how were they overcome?
  • Did the project meet or exceed its goals?
  • What were the benefits (e.g., increased citizen participation, improved services, etc.)?


Submissions must be received by September 13, 2021.

Entry form and submission instructions

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