Local Government Management Certificate

**Local Government Management Certificate (LGMC) Program Admissions Paused**

February 24, 2022: The League of Oregon Cities (LOC) is currently pausing admissions to the LGMC program while the staff and board strategically evaluate LOC’s offerings.  LOC continues to offer a variety of trainings for City staff and elected officials; please visit our Training page for the latest offerings.  During this evaluation period, LOC remains committed to assisting previously enrolled LGMC participants in earning their certificate; therefore, you will continue to see the relevant LGMC credits referenced in LOC training material.

The Local Government Management Certificate recognizes individuals who complete 140 hours of training in 10 core areas that are critical to success in local government management.

  1. Budget & Finance - 20 hours
    Budgeting and taxation; fiscal management; investments; audits; internal controls; financial forecasting
  2. Human Resource Management - 20 hours
    Labor law; personnel law; supervision and evaluation; recruitment and retention; polices
  3. Public Safety & Emergency Management Services - 10 hours
    Functions-police-fire; emergency management; special labor issues; requirements; service options
  4. Public Works & Utilities Management - 15 hours​​​​​​​
    Transportation; street lighting-sewer; water; storm; electric-parks & recreation; cemeteries
  5. Land Use Planning & Economic Development - 15 hours​​​​​​​
    Land use: zoning; planning; master plans/comprehensive plans; state regulations
  6. Public Contracting & Purchasing - 10 hours​​​​​​​
    BOLI-prevailing wage; procurement; bidding; negotiating; purchasing systems; state laws; professional services contracts
  7. Community Relations - 10 hours​​​​​​​
    Effective public meetings; community surveys; citizen involvement; customer service
  8. Risk Management - 10 hours​​​​​​​
    Liability exposure in the public sector; insurance; workers’ compensation
  9. Elected Official/Manager Competencies - 15 hours​​​​​​​
    Strategic planning; internal services; dealing with elected officials as groups and as individuals; public meetings and public records laws in Oregon; policy facilitation
  10. Ethics & Leadership - 15 hours​​​​​​​
    ​​​​​​​ICMA practices; leadership skills; OR ethics laws

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TOTAL: 140 hours

Common Training Types

The following organizations offer programming that often qualifies for LGMC credit. If you’re unsure whether something will qualify or not, contact LOC staff.

  • LOC Training (6 required)
  • LOC Annual Conference
  • International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
  • Oregon City/County Management Association (OCCMA)
  • Association of Oregon Counties Conference
  • Oregon Government Finance Officers Association (OGFOA)
  • Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)
  • Oregon City Planning Directors Association (OCPDA)
  • Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders (OAMR)
  • Oregon City Attorneys Association (OCAA)
  • Citycounty Insurance Services (CIS)
  • National League of Cities

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request credits?

After every training, you are required to submit a Credit Request Form. For LOC trainings and conferences, you will only need to submit proof of attendance. For all other trainings, you will need to submit proof of attendance, supporting documentation and an addendum explaining why the training qualifies as management-level in addition to the Credit Request Form.    

How do I track my hours?

LOC staff will track your training hours for you. To monitor your progress, you can login to use the Personal Credit Tracker. This will show you how many hours in each core area you have completed. 

What happens when I complete the program?

Once you’ve completed the required number of hours in each of the core areas, you will need to complete the Program Completion Review Request Form. Once LOC staff receives this form, they will begin reviewing your earned credits. This process can take up to two weeks to complete. Once this process is completed, LOC staff will mail you a certificate.

Do I have to use LOC Training?

Yes! The LGMC Program requires you to attend at least six LOC trainings.

What if I can't find training that will qualify for one of the core areas?

First, look for upcoming LOC trainings and events. Second, look at other training resources (listed above). If you are still having a difficult time identifying training opportunities for one of the core areas, please reach out to LOC staff.