Special Conference Call for City Leaders

Funding Resources with Business Oregon

City elected officials and staff were joined on December 18 by the LOC and Business Oregon for a discussion of assistance programs available to Oregon businesses. 
Chris Cummings, the Interim Director for Business Oregon, presented on the following: 

  • Over $24 million in CDBG funds that will be available to local governments over the next several months;
  • $55 million in funding that went to counties and is in the process of distribution;
  • Remaining funds from earlier funding rounds; and
  • Possible resources coming through the Oregon Legislature and federal programs.

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Links and Resources

Business Oregon CDBG PowerPoint Presentation

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Small Business Grant Funding by County

Small Business Navigator

Contact Information

Mark Gharst, LOC Lobbyist
mgharst@orcities.org or (503) 991-2192

Chris Cummings, Interim Director, Business Oregon
or (503) 986-0158 

Fumi Schaadt, CDBG Program Policy Coordinator, Economic Development Division, Business Oregon
fumi.schaadt@oregon.gov or (503) 986-0027

Ed Tabor, Programs & Incentives Manager, Business Oregon
edward.tabor@oregon.gov or (503) 949-3523