Elected Essentials and Mayors Workshops

Are you new to city government? Are you looking for a refresher on government fundamentals?

Speakers: LOC and CIS Staff

LOC is thrilled to offer our signature Elected Essentials training in person again this winter.  The LOC’s Elected Essentials program provides newly elected officials, experienced elected officials, and city staff with free training on the basics of municipal governance in Oregon.

Topics include:

  • How to Achieve a High Functioning City Council.  Attendees will learn the healthy habits of highly functioning city councils, including: the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of various city officials; the difference between a group and a team; and, important communication techniques.
  • What City Officials Need to Know About Oregon’s Public Records Law.  Attendees will learn what is considered and is not considered a public record, gain an understanding of the state’s retention schedule, and develop an appreciation for the requirements related to the inspection and disclosure of public records, including to legal challenges related to the denial of access to public records.
  • Public Meetings in Oregon – What the Law Says & Best Practices.  Attendees will learn what constitutes a meeting for purposes of the state’s Public Meeting Law, the legal requirements associated with public meetings, serial meetings, executive sessions, and free speech implications of public participation during meetings.  Additionally, the segment will conclude with providing attendees some best practice tips that may help in city council meetings running smoothly.
  • Understanding Your Legal Obligations Under Oregon’s Ethics Laws.  Attendees will learn about the requirements of Oregon’s Ethics laws, and how they are applicable to the work they do on behalf of their city.  Specific subject matters covered include:  prohibited use of office; conflicts of interest; gifts; nepotism; outside employment; and, statements of economic interest.
  • Social Media – Implications for Public Officials. Attendees will learn about the benefits and risks of social media for public officials.  Important topics include common do’s and don’ts, legal implications, and examples.
  • Legal Powers & Impediments Affecting Elected Officials.  Attendees will learn the common mistakes elected officials make that result in them being sued, identify ways that cities can utilize CityCounty Insurance Services to assist them in employment law matters, and identify ways to keep your city safe from legal exposures.
  • CIS & LOC – Organizations that Help Cities Succeed.  Attendees will learn about the services and programs provided by CityCounty Insurance Services (CIS) and the League of Oregon Cities (LOC). These services and programs are available to member cities.  Attendees are likely to be surprised by the breadth and scope of services and programs that both entities provide.

Registration is FREE and lunch is included.

​Mayors Workshops

Additionally, the Oregon Mayors Association (OMA) is hosting new mayors’ trainings in conjunction with each session of Elected Essentials. The purpose of these trainings is to provide those new to the role of mayor with an introduction on what it means to be mayor, along with some tools and tips on how to succeed in the role. Veteran mayors are also encouraged to attend to continue their own education and to share their experiences.

To view the step-by-step registration process, see How to Register for LOC Training and Events

NOTE regarding potential attendees who have not yet been elected

LOC’s system will not allow a registration with no name, and we know that many of our new officials will not be known until after the November 8 election.  These sessions have not traditionally sold out and we anticipate having plenty of room for all who are available for the full day training.  Cities who wish to plan ahead may do the following:

  • Register a staff person (or someone who will still be on council); LOC has arranged it so that one person can add a maximum quantity of 5 registrations per person.
  • After the election and closer to the date of each training, LOC will verify attendee names 


Available Sessions

Webinars Available Anytime

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