System Development Charges

Speaker:  John Ghilarducci

System development charges (SDCs) are an effective mechanism for funding infrastructure in Oregon. This workshop will examine SDCs from these perspectives:

  • Legal: Oregon law authorizes local governments to impose SDCs on new development to equitably recover the cost of capacity needed to serve it.  ORS 223.297 - 314 and relevant case law will be discussed, from a layman's perspective.
  • Technical: Includes a review of basic SDC calculation frameworks for both the reimbursement and improvement fees, and discussion of reasonable ways to proceed without perfect data to support the math.
  • Policy: Decisions on key policy issues impact the data inputs, the charge structures, and the message(s) cities send to existing and future customers.  Discussion will cover key SDC policy questions, including credits, charge structure equity, timing of payment and more.

LGMC: #4 – 5 hours


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