Special Conference Call for City Leaders

New Program for Lodging Tax Administration

A special statewide conference call was held Friday, January 22 with the Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) to discuss a new option for state administration of local lodging taxes.
The DOR currently administers the state lodging tax and they will begin a program to collect local lodging taxes on behalf of cities and counties beginning with second quarter lodging returns due on July 31.  This new program will operate similar to how the DOR currently administers local marijuana taxes on behalf of many local jurisdictions.
In the call we discussed topics related to this optional program, including the following.

  • Steps a city or county will need to take to sign up for the program.
  • Cost to have the DOR administer the local tax.
  • How the DOR will handle filing, audit, and collection of the tax.
  • Deadlines to sign up and who to contact.
  • Q&A with DOR staff. 

Watch the meeting

View the DOR PowerPoint

LOC Legal Guide to Collecting Lodging Tax in Oregon (with model ordinance)

Contact Information

Tera Lum, DOR Program Administration

Marcus Cridge, DOR Policy

General DOR Program
or (503) 945-8120

DOR Website 

Mark Gharst, LOC Lobbyist
mgharst@orcities.org or (503) 991-2192

Tyler Janzen, AOC Legislative Affairs Manager
tjanzen@oregoncounties.org or (503) 839-3317