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Due to limited staff availability, the LOC is not offering in-person training for cities at this time.

The LOC has recorded trainings on the basics of municipal governance in Oregon, presented in December 2020 as part of our Elected Essentials program for newly elected officials, experienced elected officials and city staff.

Roles & Authority of a High Functioning Council

Learn about the council/manager form of government, the roles, and responsibilities of council and city managers and will seek to achieve a facilitated discussion that allows attendees to seek experienced advice on how responsibilities are shared between council and their administrator.  Watch now

Public Meetings in Oregon - Legal Requirements & Best Practices

Learn what constitutes a meeting for purposes of the state’s Public Meeting Law, the legal requirements associated with public meetings, serial meetings, executive sessions, and free speech implications of public participation during meetings. 
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NEW! On-Demand LOC Training Now Available

The LOC is excited to announce the creation of a library of on-demand trainings for city officials. Couldn’t attend an LOC training? Now you can watch them on-demand at your convenience! Our growing on-demand library currently has three trainings available: City Planning in Oregon; Grant Writing Basics; and Oregon Public Contracting Basics. 

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Ethics Awareness - Understanding Your Legal Obligations

Learn about how elected officials are prohibited from using their office to their benefit, conflicts of interest, gifts, nepotism, outside employment parameters, restrictions on subsequent employment once they no longer work for or represent a city, and statements of economic interest. Watch now

Public Records in Oregon - What City Officials Need to Know

Learn the purpose behind Public Records Law, what is considered and is not considered public record, the state’s retention schedule, requirements related to the inspection and disclosure of public records, and legal challenges related to the denial of access to public records. Watch now

Legal Powers & Impediments Affecting Elected Officials

Learn the common mistakes elected officials make that result in them being sued, identify ways that cities can utilize CityCounty Insurance Services to assist them in employment law matters, and identify ways to keep your city safe from legal exposures.
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