Associate Membership

Associate Members can participate in the LOC's insurance trust, CIS (Citycounty Insurance Services).  Upon request, Associate Members may receive one complimentary subscription to the LOC's magazine, Local Focus, and one annual wall calendar. Additionally, Associate Members receive member rates for trainings and conferences.  The annual dues rate is $500. 

Associate Membership is available to the following public bodies that are not cities or counties and that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • An Oregon political subdivision
  • An Oregon municipal or public corporation
  • An instrumentality of an Oregon city, political subdivision, municipal or public corporation
  • Any intergovernmental agency, department, council, joint board of control in Oregon created under ORS 190.125, or other like entity which is created under ORS 190.003 to 190.125, which does not act under the direction and control of any single member government, provided that:
    • The public body is created by a city under statutory or home rule charter authority, OR provides a service a city itself would otherwise have to provide within its own boundaries, AND
    • The public body maintains Associate Member status in LOC.

Associate Members are not entitled to:

  • Voting privileges
  • Serve on League committees 
  • Legislative lobby services

To be considered for an Associate Membership, please complete this form and return to Lisa Trevino at