Her Own Wings Podcast

HerOwnWings_LightBlue Libsyn.jpgHer Own Wings is a podcast featuring women in leadership across Oregon, hosted by CM Hall, a proud member of the Newport Oregon City Council.

The inspiration for this podcast came about recognizing that statistically, we just do not have nearly enough equitable numbers of women in leadership… and highlighting women could be an opportunity to feature and uplift a lot of everyday changemakers and perhaps, encourage more folks to seek elective office or careers as city managers and the like.

The name of our podcast comes from Oregon’s motto: She Flies With Her Own Wings.

We know that historically women do so much of the volunteer labor professionally and domestically on their own - and their to-do lists can be miles long - and to add unpaid elected civic roles while juggling personal lives … it can be A LOT. Hopefully these conversations will inform others about awesome women who are creating positive change in our state and create connections with others who have or are hoping to engage in service.

This podcast effort is a collaboration with the League of Oregon Cities. The LOC is the trusted, go-to resource that helps city staff and elected leaders across Oregon’s 241 cities by providing training, resources, information, and legislative advocacy. This podcast is also a partnership with the LOC’s Women’s Caucus which works to actively help women in municipal government positions succeed. 

Mostly, this podcast will feature women in municipal government, but we also will sprinkle in interviews with women in other positions in government - elected or as staff. Among many objectives, we hope this informs and inspires those listening to think about the way they could join and become involved in public service and leadership.  

Her Own Wings Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes