LOC Staff

LOC's staff are dedicated to providing the services and programs that support our mission.   

Executive Director

Patty Mulvihill web.jpg

Patty Mulvihill, Interim Executive Director

Oversight of all LOC activities and programs

Member and Administrative Services

Lisa Trevino web.jpg

Lisa Trevino, Interim Operations & Member Engagement Director

Manages the internal services of the LOC and provides oversight to member services. 

Elizabeth Gray web.jpg

Elizabeth Gray, Training Coordinator

Assists with the LOC training program and the Local Government Management Certificate (LGMC) program development and coordination.

Debi Hager web.jpg

Debi Higgins, Administrative Assistant

Provides administrative support to members and helps coordinate all member services offered through LOC in addition to providing internal administrative support.  

Angela Speier web.jpg

Angela Speier, Project & Program Coordinator

Oversees the LOC’s records management program, provides affiliate support, assists in the development of the small cities programming and member training programs, and works on special projects. 


Jamie Johnson-Davis web.jpg

Jamie Johnson-Davis, Finance Director

Performs accounting, financial reporting, financial analysis and day-to-day financial operations of LOC.   

Elizabeth Ramirez web.jpg

Elizabeth Angulo, Accounting Specialist

Provides administrative assistance to the Finance Department, including reconciling deposits, creating invoices, generating billings, handling collections and assisting with procurement projects.


Kevin Toon color web.jpg

Kevin Toon, Communications & Business Development Director

Manages LOC's communications and marketing, including media and public relations, publications, social media, and sponsorship and vendor programs.

Julie Oke 2014 color.jpg

Julie Oke, Graphic Designer

Responsible for the design of LOC print and digital communications, including Local Focus and LOC Bulletin, and executes LOC’s digital presence including social media and website content.

Intergovernmental Relations

Jim McCauley web.jpg

Jim McCauley, Legislative Director

Oversight of League's legislative program; advocacy issue area: transportation 

Mark Gharst web.jpg

Mark Gharst, Lobbyist

Advocacy issue areas: finance and taxation, economic development 

Jenna Jones web.jpg

Jenna Jones, Lobbyist

Advocacy issue areas: telecommunications, broadband and cable, energy, environment and solid waste

Michael Martin web.jpg

Michael Martin, Lobbyist

Advocacy issue areas: water, wastewater, and natural resources

Ariel Nelson web.jpg

Ariel Nelson, Lobbyist

Advocacy issue areas: land use, housing, eminent domain


Scott Winkels color web.jpg

Scott Winkels, Lobbyist

Advocacy issue areas: ethics, public safety, community corrections, courts, personnel, PERS, collective bargaining, public contracting

Legal Research

Patty Mulvihill web.jpg

Patty Mulvihill, General Counsel

Provides in-house general counsel and oversees LOC's legal services, including the member inquiry program, legislative/legal research, educational publications, and training on municipal best practices.

Jayme Hafner web.jpg

Jayme Hafner, Assistant General Counsel

Assists with the member inquiry program, legislative/legal research, educational publications, and training on municipal best practices.