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One of the questions every city asks itself at one point or another is: how do we compare? While each city is unique, there is a lot to be learned by looking at trends across regions and the state. Along with satisfying that curiosity, these trends can help determine how and in what ways to invest resources.

The LOC’s ongoing research helps tell the story of Oregon’s cities and the challenges they are facing. LOC researchers conduct surveys of member cities, analyze the data and compile reports that provide cities with crucial information.

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In addition to providing written reports, LOC also provides access to the raw data in Excel format for those that would like to manipulate it themselves.

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Research Partners

LOC actively partners with other organizations that strive to study and provide data to cities in Oregon. One of these organizations is Oregon’s very own Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) and their Diversity Dashboard project. This project is the first-ever data collection on the gender, race, age, and veteran status of local government chief administrative officers and assistant chief administrative officers

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