LOC Data Sets

Tell the story of your community with data.

LOC's data portal includes information collected from LOC surveys, state financial data, federal websites and more.  Each data set can be filtered, exported and visualized into graphs and charts.   

Visit LOC's data portal at

Looking for Data on System Development Charges?

Data on system development charges can now be viewed as separate datasets:

2013-2019 SDC Revenue
2010-2019 Residential Estimates

2010-2019 Non-Residential Estimates

City Financial Data

Selected budget information from 2006 to 2014 for 50 cities.  Data includes: property tax revenue, public safety expenditure, governmental fund revenue and expenditure and general fund revenue and expenditure.

2019 Police Departments and Total Employees

Data compiled from the FBI's 2017 dataset of department staffing levels and the 2019 LOC-Data Police Survey.

Salary Survey Data

Data compiled from the 2018 LOC Salary Survey.

City Services

City service providers based on data from the 2015 State of the Cities Survey.

Property Tax vs. Public Safety

Compares total property tax revenues to public safety expenditures for 50 cities from 2006 to 2014. 

Economic Demographics

Data from the American Communities Survey 2014. This data includes information on household income, city industries composition, and class of workers.

Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Data 2018

City Financial Data for fiscal year 2018. Note that this data has been expanded for FY2018 to include more detailed breakdown of city finances.

Property Tax Data FY2017

The city property tax data from Oregon Department of Revenue for FY2017.