Legal Inquiry Line

The LOC’s Legal Research Department provides information and technical assistance to elected and appointed officials of member cities who have questions about their duties, city operations, city governance, and various state statutes.  This service is not a substitute for seeking legal advice, and the LOC does not provide legal representation services to its members.  However, our attorneys  will assist members in answering questions about best and common practices, statutory requirements (such as public meetings law, local government budget law, election law, etc.) and how to find other LOC, state, or federal resources to assist them in overcoming challenges and meeting their community’s goals.

As a matter of policy, the LOC does not give legal advice and will not answer questions about the lawfulness of another official’s conduct or that of a member city.  Members should know that the LOC does not:

  1. Provide litigation services;
  2. Comment or take sides on disputes between cities (although mediation and interpersonal relations training may be offered);
  3. Comment or take sides on disputes involving conflicts between public officials (although mediation and interpersonal relations training may be offered);
  4. Provide advice on individual, personal or private matters not directly affecting or relating to member cities; and/or
  5. Provide advice to members of the general public.

The Member Inquiry Line is typically open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Occasionally the Legal Member Inquiry is closed; this typically occurs on government holidays and during major LOC events like the Annual Conference or Elected Essentials training. 

To contact the Member Inquiry Line, please call 503-588-6550 or email the LOC General Counsel.