LOC Committees

The League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors convenes committees comprised of board members and representatives from member cities to research, evaluate, deliberate and provide consultation and recommendations to the full board or executive director on relevant issues or LOC projects.

Unless otherwise noted, these committee meetings are open to the public. Agenda packets and minutes are prepared for each meeting and will be made available on the website.

Executive Committee

The LOC Executive Committee of the LOC Board of Directors includes the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and the most senior voting director serving in a position reserved for an individual holding an appointed position with a member city. The functions of the Executive Committee include providing direction to the staff between board meetings, and such other functions on behalf of the board as the board authorizes.

LOC Staff Liaison: Mike Cully, Executive Director - mcully@orcities.org

Budget Committee

The LOC Budget Committee is composed of the Executive Committee and a city finance director who is appointed by the President. The functions of the Budget Committee include assisting the Executive Director to prepare the annual budget and assisting in other financial matters as directed by the board.

LOC Staff Liaison: Mike Cully, Executive Director - mcully@orcities.org

Bylaws Review Committee

The LOC is governed by three sets of documents: the LOC Constitution, a 190 Agreement and the LOC Bylaws. The Bylaws Review Committee is responsible for comprehensively reviewing the LOC Bylaws and providing recommendations to the full board for further discussion and adoption.

Committee Members: Jake Boone, Councilor, Cottage Grove (LOC President-Elect); Taneea Browning, Councilor, Central Point (LOC Director); Scott Derickson, City Manager, Woodburn (LOC Director); George Endicott, Mayor, Redmond (LOC Past President); and Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, Portland (LOC Director).

LOC Staff Liaison: Patty Mulvihill, General Counsel - pmulvihill@orcities.org

Equity and Inclusion Committee

The LOC Board of Directors identified equity and inclusion as a priority during its 2019 strategic planning process. Goals of this work include creating a welcoming and inclusive organization for all communities at the LOC membership level, the committee level and at the board level. This committee will work with a consultant to assist the organization in developing an equity framework and three-year implementation plan.

Committee Members: Mike Cully, Executive Director, League of Oregon Cities; Dave Drotzmann, Mayor, Hermiston (LOC Director); Greg Evans, Councilor, Eugene (LOC President); Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, Portland (LOC Director); Pete Truax, Mayor, Forest Grove (LOC Past President); CM Hall, Councilor, Newport; and Candy Canga, Councilor, Metolius.

LOC Staff Liaison: Jayme Hafner, Assistant General Counsel - jhafner@orcities.org

Conference Planning Committee

The 95th Annual LOC Conference (2020) is scheduled for October 15-17 in Salem. This committee is comprised of individuals representing each of the 12 regions of the state who are charged with developing relevant and timely content for conference attendees. This committee is also responsible for reviewing submissions for the awards program and scholarship applications. This committee is advisory to the executive director.

LOC Staff Liaison: Lisa Trevino, Project Coordinator - ltrevino@orcities.org

Legal Advocacy Committee

This committee supports LOC’s legal advocacy efforts by reviewing requests for or identifying opportunities for the LOC to participate as an amicus curiae and by identifying opportunities for the LOC to initiate or otherwise participate in litigation in the interests of Oregon cities. This committee is advisory to the executive director.

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LOC Staff Liaison: Patty Mulvihill, General Counsel - pmulvihill@orcities.org

Policy Committees

Legislative committees and special work groups are the foundation of the LOC’s policy development process. Composed of city officials, these groups are charged with analyzing policy and technical issues and recommending positions and strategies for the LOC. In addition, LOC staff rely on the input and expertise of committee members as they advocate for city interests in the legislature and with state and federal agencies.

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LOC Staff Liaison: Jenna Jones, Legislative Analyst - jjones@orcities.org