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Homeless Solutions

A resource to help build vibrant, resilient communities

A severe shortage of affordable housing and homelessness in both large and small cities represents a statewide crisis that must be tackled by all levels of government, philanthropy, nonprofits and businesses working together on collaborative solutions. This new online resource offers ideas, examples and best practices that are working across the state for LOC members who are on the front lines of balancing the needs of people, businesses and organizations in building vibrant, resilient communities.


Understanding Homelessness

View an overview, definitions, common terms and myths vs. facts of homelessness.

Communications & Public Engagement

Tips for productive community conversations, samples and best practices.


Where resources come from, how funds can be used, and technical assistance. 

Homelessness & Public Space

Overview of HB 3115 and Martin v. Boise, plus additional legal guidance.

Additional Resources

Additional links, examples, and information for communities.

Updated! Guide to Persons Experiencing Homelessness in Public Spaces

Recently updated following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Grants Pass v. Johnson, the guide is intended to explain the legal principles involved in regulating public property in light of HB 3115 and recent court decisions.

Download Guide to Persons Experiencing Homelessness (Updated July 2024)


Read why data is such an important tool, plus view data dashboards and research.


Who should be invited to the table as your city discusses solutions?

Shelter Resources

A breakdown of the types of shelters and best practices.

HB 4123 Pilots

Information on the county-created homeless response pilots established in 2022.

Watch: Walk-Through of the Homeless Solutions Resource

As this new resource was launched, the LOC hosted a walk-through webinar for city officials. 
Watch the recorded webinar