DEIA On-Demand Library

The LOC is pleased to release new materials related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) for the benefit of our members and communities.  Among the roles and responsibilities of the LOC’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Committee is to, “foster a greater understanding and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion matters within the LOC organization and its overall membership.”  The DEIA On-Demand Library serves that goal; it brings together both previously available and new content, including recent LOC training sessions, Oregon Mayors Association (OMA) training sessions, and LOC board trainings, all in one place, complete with closed captions (see infographic for more details).  The DEIA Committee and staff have worked together to bring this library to the rest of the membership. 

Many of the videos provide the opportunity to hear candid conversations among your Oregon peers, with examples of strategies used in communities of all sizes. Many thanks to the Oregon Mayors Association, the Oregon Historical Society, and the National League of Cities for their permission to make this content available.  We also again thank the elected officials and staff who offered their time and perspectives on these panel presentations.

How to Access the Library

Access to every training in the DEIA Library is FREE.  However, registration with an LOC account is required.  This free registration helps us track use of the resource.  To view the step-by-step registration process, see How to Register for LOC Training and Events

DEIA Video Library


How Small Communities are Approaching Equity and Inclusion

2020 LOC Annual Conference (47 minutes)

Large cities aren’t the only ones addressing equity and inclusion.  Hear about the approaches taken by our small cities across the state, including leaders’ personal paths of reflection and their engagement strategies. 



City Accommodations Training: Understanding Disability and Our Responsibilities as City Officials

February 18, 2022 LOC Board Meeting (57 minutes)

Rian Gayle of Western Oregon University shares information crucial for city leaders on the federal and state requirements to provide equitable access to our programs and services.  Rian’s training offers both historical context and practical guidelines.



How to Engage Diverse Leaders in Communities

2020 LOC Annual Conference (40 minutes)

Learn from others how they have been able to engage their diverse communities.  Speakers include elected officials and staff from Hermiston, Keizer, Corvallis, Salem and Tualatin.



Race In Oregon History: An Historical Perspective

2020 OMA Summer Conference (1 hour, 6 minutes)

Kerry Tymchuk and Eliza E. Canty Jones of the Oregon Historical Society share an overview of the ways Oregon's history has been shaped by White supremacist ideology and policies — and resistance to those frameworks — for almost two centuries.



Better Talk About Race

2020 LOC Annual Conference (42 minutes)

Leaders must know how to engage better talk about race.  In this segment, Sean Palmer, a pastor, speaker, and executive coach, discusses a leader's responsibility to define reality as it relates to race and lead a relevant conversation and response. Includes contemporary guidance on language for racial engagement in organizational and civil life.



Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL)

2020 OMA Summer Conference (1 hour, 16 minutes)

NLC’s Race, Equity, And Leadership (REAL) initiative serves to strengthen local leaders’ knowledge and capacity to eliminate racial disparities, heal racial divisions, and build more equitable communities. The presentation has a national perspective; it explains race as the strongest predictor of success in this country, the importance of closing gaps so race does not predict success, and finally, moving beyond isolated services and focusing on root causes/systemic change. 


Are you looking for other courses to take on your own time?

Coursera (, a popular worldwide online course platform, offers free trainings related to DEIA. Staff found several focusing on the United States. These offer a mix of instructor-developed videos and texts with some 3rd party resources such as brief scholarly articles and news clips.

  • Anti-Racism 101, 102, 103 (University of Colorado-Boulder)
  • Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (University of Virginia - Darden Business School)
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Access Essentials (University of North Texas)

**NOTE: LOC has not reviewed the entirety of the course content and has no affiliation with Coursera, nor any control over course availability or contents.