2019 Legislative Session

Bill Summary

The 2019 Legislative Bill Summary includes key bills cities should be aware of and a voting matrix of priority bills. 

Cities are encouraged to contact the LOC advocacy team with any questions about legislation from the recently completed session.

OregonCapitol.jpgInside the Capitol - 2019 Session Wrap-Up with Jim McCauley

July 8, 2019

How did LOC priority issues fare at the Legislature? In the latest Inside the Capitol micro-podcast, LOC's Jim McCauley provides a brief summary of wins and losses and provides insight into what's next. 


The LOC's top priorities for the 2019 session:

  • Mental Health Investment 
  • Revenue Reform/Cost Containment
  • Housing and Homelessness Improvement
  • Infrastructure and Resilency Investment
  • Broadband Investment and Right-of-Way Authority Preservation
  • Third Party Building Inspections Preservation

Learn more about the 2019 legislative priorities