The LOC speaks with one voice for all cities in Oregon.

Legislative Advocacy

The LOC advocates for Oregon’s 242 cities, from the smallest cities to the largest, from Eastern Oregon to the coast, in the Legislature, state boards, commissions and agencies.

Our Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) team advocates on a broad range of topics, from water to land use to PERS to property taxes and more. 

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2019 Legislative Session

2019 Legislative Bill Summary

The 2019 Legislative Bill Summary includes key bills cities should be aware of and a voting matrix of priority bills. 

Cities are encouraged to contact the LOC advocacy team with any questions about legislation from the recently completed session.

OregonCapitol.jpgInside the Capitol - 2019 Session Wrap-Up with Jim McCauley

July 8, 2019

How did LOC priority issues fare at the Legislature? In the latest Inside the Capitol micro-podcast, LOC's Jim McCauley provides a brief summary of wins and losses and provides insight into what's next. 


The LOC's top priorities for the 2019 session:

  • Mental Health Investment 
  • Revenue Reform/Cost Containment
  • Housing and Homelessness Improvement
  • Infrastructure and Resilency Investment
  • Broadband Investment and Right-of-Way Authority Preservation
  • Third Party Building Inspections Preservation

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Check the "Bills" page for updates as session winds down

How does LOC determine our legislative agenda?

The LOC’s IGR team receives advocacy direction from the Oregon Municipal Policy (OMP), the LOC Board of Directors, and the LOC policy committee process.

  • The OMP is the is one of the League's foundational documents and describes policy stances adopted by the LOC membership.
  • The LOC’s 8 policy committees meet during even numbered years and members serve a two-year term advising the LOC on policy related issues during a full legislative cycle. Each committee crafts policies for a ballot that sets the LOC’s priorities for long sessions (odd numbered years). Learn more about policy committees
  • The LOC Board of Directors reviews the policy priority ballot and solidifies the LOC legislative priorities for long sessions. Additionally, the LOC Board provides ongoing guidance on legislative advocacy.

How can our members help with our legislative advocacy?

The LOC encourages member cities to call or email our office at any time to talk with a member of the advocacy team about a bill, provide local feedback about a bill, or share perspectives of a legislator’s views on an issue.

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