2021 Legislative Session

Session Adjourns

Oregon’s virtual 81st legislative session adjourned at 5:37 p.m. on Saturday, June 26. It’s looking like there will be at least a hybrid version of a virtual session in February of 2022 due to seismic improvements to the Capitol, which took place throughout this latest session. 

For the 2021 session, the LOC’s legislative team took on the challenges of remote communications and a bill list in excess of 2,000 legislative proposals. Many of these would not have provided any benefits to cities and several proposed concepts were repeats of past efforts to reduce local decision-making authority and impact revenue sharing. Read more

Cities are advised to review the summary of Bills for City Review, Action & Awareness and take action as needed to comply with new state law, and are encouraged to contact the LOC advocacy team with any questions about legislation from the recently completed session.

Read the comprehensive 2021 Legislative Session Summary of Bills

LOC's Intergovernmental Relations Team provide an overview of important bills from the 2021 legislative session.


The LOC's top priorities for the 2021 session: 

  • Mental Health Service Delivery
  • COVID-19 Economic Recovery Investments
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Package
  • Property Tax Reform
  • Housing and Services Investment
  • Water Utility and Rate Assistance
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery

Learn more about the 2021 legislative priorities