Current Bills

Comprehensive update coming soon on major bills during the 2019 Legislative Session!

See all bills LOC tracked for cities in the 2019 session.

Preliminary Legislative Bill Summary

As a preliminary recap of the 2019 legislative session, the LOC has produced a quick snapshot of a more comprehensive report that will be available in September. That publication, the 2019 Legislative Bill Summary, will include key bills  cities should be aware of, and a voting matrix of priority bills. 

Cities are encouraged to contact the LOC advocacy team with any questions about legislation from the recently completed session.

Check the status of Oregon legislation, access legislative committees, and see the legislative calendar by using the LOC’s bill tracker, CM3 or the state’s system OLIS.

Need help navigating the LOC's bill tracker?

CM3 is the LOC's bill tracker that pulls most of its data from the Oregon Legislature website. It narrows down the bills to those that are the LOC is actively tracking and provides additional information about the bills including: priority level, the LOC’s position, and LOC staff handling the bill. To login to CM3, use as the username and password.

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Need help navigating OLIS?

OLIS is the state of Oregon’s Legislative Information System. OLIS tracks all the bills in session in addition to legislative meeting materials, committee video recordings, amendments to bills, versions of bill and resources to previous sessions dating back to 2007.

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Past Bills

The LOC compiles lists of bills during legislative session that may impact cities. Check out our bill summaries from prior sessions.

2018 Bill Summary

2017 Bill Summary 

2016 Bill Summary