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Apply to Serve on the 2024 LOC Board of Directors

The LOC is currently soliciting applications for service on its board of directors beginning in January 2024. The board sets the policy positions LOC takes, including advocacy at the Legislature.  It also guides the LOC staff and oversees the budget.

LOC President and Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway says all of us who serve in elected positions bring unique life experiences, outlooks, understandings, interests, and expertise. When all these perspectives are represented on the board from throughout our state, the LOC is stronger and can work together for better solutions to serve all Oregon communities. “I encourage all elected officials, regardless of their length of service, to consider applying for a board position or any of our committees.”

There are two types of board positions open for 2023:

  • LOC Vice President.  There is one open position for Vice President.  The LOC Vice President is one of four board officers who serve on the LOC Executive Committee. The office of LOC Vice President can be held by an elected city official. The Vice President position will expire on December 31, 2024 (but please note the person in that position will automatically ascend to the position of LOC President for calendar year 2025 and serve as the LOC Immediate Past President in 2026). 
  • Elected City Official Director Position(s).  This year, there are three open Elected City Official Director positions. Elected City Official Directors represent all geographic regions of the state and varied city populations. The term of office for the Elected City Official Director positions is three years, with the term beginning at the first board meeting of the new calendar year following the election. 

All applicants for the LOC Vice President position and Elected Official Director position should note that they will be required to make a presentation to the LOC Nominating Committee during a publicly noticed meeting on Thursday, October 12, as part of the 98th LOC Annual Conference in Eugene. The Nominating Committee will put forward its recommendation to the LOC membership during the LOC Annual Business Meeting, Saturday, October 14.

The application for the Vice President and Elected Official Director is available here.  The application includes information on board responsibilities, what is expected of board members, and the time commitment it will take to serve as a director or LOC Vice President.  The application deadline for all positions is September 26.

Candidates for all offices should know that the LOC Bylaws allow for nominations from the floor during the LOC Annual Business Meeting.

Jayme Pierce, General Counsel – jpierce@orcities.org 
Jasmine Jones, Administrative Assistant – jajones@orcities.org

Last Updated 8/11/23

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