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DAS Expected to Begin Accepting ARPA Requests Week of July 19

The LOC continues to work with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) on getting American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds out to smaller cities.  Based on these conversations, we still expect funds to go out to smaller cities as soon as late July, but a delay into August is possible.  Based on the latest information we expect DAS will begin accepting requests for funds the week of July 19

DAS will send the initial communication to each city’s chief administrative officer (CAO). Please verify the CAO contact for your city and their email address on this list and email LOC if you need to update at loc@orcities.org.

The U.S. Treasury has issued guidance for smaller cities, typically those with a population less than 50,000, that will receive ARPA funds through the state.  These cities are referred to as non-entitlement units of local government (NEUs) in the guidance.     

DAS is still finalizing the forms for cities to request funds, but the two documents below will be required, and cities should begin their review of these documents now.

Based on the latest information, the LOC has calculated estimates for the distribution amounts to smaller cities.  These are estimated figures only and are not verified by the U.S. Treasury or the state of Oregon.

Previously released guidance on the use of American Rescue Plan funds is available on Treasury’s main ARPA webpage. The spending guidance is contained in three main documents.  The regularly updated FAQ document gives plain language answers to some of the questions cities will most likely be considering.  The recently released Compliance and Reporting Guidance document explains ARPA recipients’ responsibilities.  The Interim Final Rule is still the most comprehensive guidance and, like all the documents, is searchable using CTRL+F on your keyboard.

The LOC will continue to update our American Rescue Plan Resource Hub as more information becomes available.  The National League of Cities has additional resources on the NLC ARPA Hub

Contact: Mark Gharst, Lobbyist - mgharst@orcities.org or 503-991-2192

Last Updated 7/9/21