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FEMA and OEM Make Clarifications

The LOC has received communications from both the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the state’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) that requests for Public Assistance (PA) grants should be submitted through the state and each entity applying for PA needs to submit their own application.  Counties will not submit requests for coverable expenses on behalf of cities or other eligible entities.  Additionally, requests should not be submitted to FEMA directly, and should be submitted to OEM through the finance section of the your local Incident Command System.   

Training is available for cities that are unfamiliar with the processes for grants or a request for public assistance (RPA). On YouTube, FEMA provides quick tutorials for the Grants Portal and requests for submitting RPAs.  City leaders should look for additional training resources as they are developed, are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following materials which can assist in cost tracking:

Contact: Scott Winkels, Lobbyist - swinkels@orcities.org

Last Updated 4/3/20​​​​​​