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Cities in Oregon will directly receive more than $680 million through the Coronavirus Local Recovery Fund. Cities are divided into two groups based on the formula outlined in statute to distribute funds.

For Entitlement Units of Government (generally more than 50,000 population)

The first group is entitlement cities, defined as cities who are eligible to receive direct funding under the Community Development Block Grant program.  These are generally cities over 50,000 in population that are receiving their funds directly from Treasury.  Treasury has released what we believe are final allocation amounts for these metropolitan cities, see this list of these cities and their allocations.  

For Non-Entitlement Units of Government (generally less than 50,000 population)

The U.S. Treasury refers to smaller cities as non-entitlement units of local government (NEUs) in its guidance.  Generally, these are cities with a population less than 50,000 and these cities are receiving their funds through the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS).

DAS has calculated official estimates for the distribution amounts to smaller cities - see this list of NEUs and their allocations.  To verify the person at your city who has received DAS correspondence see this contact list.  Cities can email DAS to update their contact information at (please copy the LOC at 

For any questions regarding ARPA funds, please email LOC Lobbyist Mark Gharst at