Chapter 6: Municipal Courts

This chapter addresses the role that municipal courts play in cities across Oregon.

Part I covers the authority that cities have to create municipal courts through their local charter or by ordinance.

Part II provides an overview of the jurisdiction that municipal courts possess to hear violations and misdemeanors under state and local law.

Part III then turns to the process of hearing these types of cases, with a particular focus on when and where criminal procedure, aspects of which are guaranteed by the Oregon and U.S. Constitutions, might be required in municipal court.

Finally, Part IV covers the intricacies of appealing a municipal court decision and, ultimately, how to enforce municipal court judgments against defendants.

Topics Include:

  • Creating Municipal Courts
  • Jurisdiction
  • Court Process
    • Transfers to Circuit Court
    • Criminal Proceedings
    • Civil Violation Proceedings
    • 'Criminal' Civil Violations
  • Appeals and Judgments
    • Appeals
    • Enforcing Judgments
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