Chapter 1: Nature of Cities

This chapter begins in Part I with a brief overview of local governments. In Oregon, local governments come in a wide variety. There are 36 counties, 241 cities, 197 school districts, and at least 7 regional governments.  The most numerous are the 1,000 or so special districts that operate in communities across the state, providing essential services like surface water drainage, fire protection, sanitation, and domestic water supply. 

The chapter then turns the focus to cities, addressing (1) the process of forming a city and (2) how to change that form. Part II covers the incorporation process and Part III explores major and minor boundary changes, from annexation all the way through disincorporation. 

Topics Include:

  • Units of Local Government
    • Cities
    • Counties
    • School Districts
    • Special Districts
    • Regional Governments  
  • Forming a City
    • Filing a Proposed Petition
    • Signatures, County Review, and Election
  • Boundary Changes
    • Minor Changes: Annexation and Withdrawal
    • Major Changes: Merger, Consolidation, and Disincorporation
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