Chapter 4: Elections

More than any other level of government, local governments are the product of elections. Local voters decide not just who holds elected office — they also decide the offices. For home rule cities, the powers and structure of government are topics of voter-approved charters.

This chapter will cover the most important election laws in Oregon, focusing primarily on state law. Part I covers election laws that apply directly to cities, beginning with the procedural requirements for holding an election and the restrictions on political activity during work hours. Part II covers laws that apply to local candidates, from the eligibility requirements found under local law to state regulations on campaign finance. Similarly, Part III covers laws that apply to local measures, specifically local initiatives, referenda, and referral measures. Finally, Part IV describes the general enforcement process for stat

Topics Include:

  • Election Laws for Cities
    • Holding an Election
    • Prohibited Political Activity
  • Local Candidates
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Campaign Finance Laws
    • Filing as a Candidate
    • Vacancies
    • Oath of Office
  • Local Measures
    • Campaign Finance Laws
    • Initiative and Referenda
    • Referrals
    • Other Local Measures
  • Enforcement
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