Regional Housing Needs Analysis

In response to the severe shortage of affordable housing and homelessness statewide, the 2019 Legislature passed HB 2003 requiring OHCS and DLCD to develop a methodology, the Regional Housing Needs Analysis (RHNA), to estimate the number of housing units needed now and for the next 20 years, for all of Oregon’s cities, by income level, including people experiencing houselessness, and to allocate those units down from the regional to the city level.

The inaugural run of the RHNA methodology produced stark findings that are already helping to shape the state's understanding of housing needs. Over the next 20 years, Oregon will need to build about 584,000 total new homes. Nearly one quarter of these units are needed now to accommodate today’s population. These roughly 140,000 homes would overcome our state’s chronic underproduction of housing.

Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) Presentation on HB 2003

Building on New Ground: Meeting Oregon's Housing Need

RHNA Methodology Overview Infographic