Shelter and Homelessness Webinar

The LOC hosted a webinar on Friday, May 21 for city leaders to provide data, research and resources on homelessness as well as updates on pending legislation related to shelter siting and homelessness.

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Project Turnkey Update   

Megan Loeb, Oregon Community Foundation 

Legislative Update – Shelter and Homelessness Bills     

Ariel Nelson, League of Oregon Cities

  • HB 2006 – Emergency shelter siting (effective May 6) 
  • HB 3261 – Motel conversion (effective May 12) 
  • HB 3115 – Local ordinances related to homelessness and public space 
  • HB 3124 – Campsite removal notice    

Homeless Data and Resources  

Connor McDonnell, Oregon Housing and Community Services 

Future LOC Programming and Resources on Housing and Homelessness  

Ariel Nelson, League of Oregon Cities 


Ariel Nelson, Lobbyist, League of Oregon Cities; (541) 646-4180

Megan Loeb, Oregon Community Foundation; (503) 944-2116

Connor McDonnel, Housing Integrator, OHCS